Emily and Jason at Morning Glory Farms

Eric and Priscilla get married at the Ballantyne Hotel!

Matt and Stephanie at the Lake Lure Inn

Diona and Genevieve get married in Ballantyne!

Julia and Robbie at St. Gabriel and The Roof with a View

Ginny and Liz spectacular wedding in McClellanville SC

Allie and Blake at The Club at Longview

Robert and April get married at City Hall In New York City

Kelsey and Jonathon at Firethorne Country Club

Rupal and Naman's Hindu wedding at the Charlotte Ritz Carlton and The Charlotte Omni

Pooran and Sarah's wedding at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville

Brad and Tina at The Loft in Wilmington

Candace and Nathan at the Labratory Mill

Monica and Neal's fabulous Hindu Wedding in Greenville, SC

Katherine-Clare and Matt At Jubilee Farm in Charleston

Lauren and John Allen at The Club at Longview

• Ashley and Mike at The Ballantyne Country Club

• Maggie and Robert at The Shipyard Beach Club Hilton Head

• Lauren and Matt at The Catawba Queen

• Kylie and Michael at The Club at Longview

• Ella and Clay at The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

• Clare and Dave at The Charlotte City Club

Sherifa and Angelo at The Omni Hotel

• Amanda and Brandan at The Homestead

Jon and Karen at Firethorne Country Club

Jennifer and Scott at The Venue Natural in Rock Hill

Jennifer and Joe on Lake Norman

Krissy and Kyle at The Club at Longview

Tonya and Alan at the Historic Rice House in Charleston

Reita and Patrick at The Palmer House and Gibbs Museum

Shelton and Dustin at St Peter's Episcopal and Roof with a View

Emily and Chris at The Firethorne Country Club

• Stephanie and Nihar at The American Theater

• Brooke and Nigel at Windows on the Waterway on Hilton Head Island

• Erika and Davis at The Pine Island Country Club

• Allison and Mark's Fabulous Wedding at Palmetto Bluff

Sloan and Wesley wedding at the Gaston Country Club

Stephanie and Pauls wedding at The Ballantyne Hotel

Meredith and Shawns wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Julie and Alexs wedding at The Mint Museum Uptown

Casey and Ricks wedding at Sea Pines

Monica and Bobbys fabulous Hindu wedding at Ballantyne Hotel

Meagan and Joshs Fabulous Spartanburg wedding at The Piedmont Club

Kelly and Adams wedding at The Ballantyne Resort

Stasha and Franks wedding at St. Mary’s Chapel

Kristin and Kevins wedding at Bonterra

Amy and Barry wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Kim and John wedding at the Mill's House

Kerri and Ryans wedding at Legare Waring House

Kristine and Chriss wedding at St. Patrick's and Carmel Country Club

Mandy and Corey's Wedding at St Peter's and The Big Chill

Naomi and Derek at Folly Beach

• Kim and John at St. Peter's and the Charlotte City Club

Jennifer and Jeb at the Rock Hill City Club

Kristen and Matthew at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Twana and Arieus in Rock Hill

Lorena and Michael at The Magnolia Room in Rock Hill

Jenny and David at The Lake Lure Inn

James and Becky at Vesuvius Vineyards

Jennifer and Victor at Founders Hall at Legare-Waring

Megan and Will at the Springs Dairy Barn

Lauren and Robbie at the Legare Waring House

Kathy and Pat at the Childress Winery

Karen and Kurt at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Karen and David at Palmetto Bluff

Ashleigh, James and a couple of other real cool kids at the Beaver Dam House

Jin and Chris's Wedding at Ballantyne Country Club

Rachel and Josh's Wedding at The Manor House

ShaSha and Christopher's Wedding at Founders Hall at Legare-Waring

Brandi and Sheddrick at Palmetto Bluff

Jane and Butch at St. Mary's Chapel

Nikki and Richard's Wedding at The Duke Mansion

Chelsea and Jim's Wedding at Myers Park Presbyterian

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Bailey's Bat Mitzvah

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Katie and Jonathan's Wedding at The Point (Trump National)

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Liza and Carlos's Wedding at Firethorne Country Club

Yolanda and Ryan's Wedding at Amelia Island Florida

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Melissa and Adam's Wedding on Lake Norman

Liz and Ross's Wedding at Bonterra

Blair and Joseph's Wedding at Firethorne Country Club

Lindsay and Matt's Wedding at Stowe Botanical Garden

Angela and Jason's Wedding on the Catawba Quees

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Leah and Josh's Wedding in Mt Holly

Katie and Matt's Wedding at The Graylyn Conference Center

Paige and Jared's Wedding at Providence Counrty Club

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Kimberly and Michael's Wedding at the Gaston Country Club

Bridget and David's Wedding at St Sarkis Church

Jilen and Jason's Wedding at Ballentyne Country Club

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