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I am going ask you to take one additional step and click on the link below.

You see I don't believe in gallery weddings. You know what a gallery wedding is: 

           it's those perfect weddings...

           where the bride is really photogenic...

           and the groom is good looking...

           and the weather was perfect....

           and the photographer just had the best day

                 of his professional life. 

We are proud of the work we do for EVERY couple.

Because we think every wedding is REALLY cool!

So we have been posting these little "mini-movies" for the past 7 or 8 years. There are little slide shows on the bottom of each post. We do these for every bride, normally within two weeks of your wedding.

 On the link below you get to pick as many weddings as you want to see. And get ideas. And see what we do EVERY week.

So please forgive me and thanks for taking the time to "click" through!

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Thank you!